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Sterling White with just under a decade of experience in the Real Estate Industry, Sterling currently manages over $10MM in capital, which is deployed across a $26MM real estate portfolio made up of multi-family apartments and single-family homes. Sterling is on a mission to give back and help others find their passion in real estate.
  What People Are Saying:
"He Walks the Talk!"
Absolutely worth time spent listening to such great content! From the man who manage to climb up the ladder to success in real estate yet stayed to be humble and genuine! 
"Great, Easy to Digest Material"
Great, easy to digest material. You and I have spoken several times and your naturalness is very much appreciated!
-Wayne C Smith 
"Great Value"
Mr. White's teachings played a significant role in helping me jump into real estate investing.
-King Nkosi
"Words of Wisdom"
Sterling shares a wealth of knowledge from his time in real estate investing. He tells the *real* story and I appreciate his honesty in sharing that he started without knowing anything but was WILLING to learn. A true success story and well deserved. Thanks for sharing! 
"Jumpstart in Real Estate"
Great advice, to the point, efficient. Need for people like Sterling out in the real estate world willing to help the young people who are looking to jump-start their journey in RE. Very humble and quick at responding. Thank you SW!
-Alex Marquez
"Ins & Outs of REI"
I’ve learned so much from following Sterling. He know the in & outs of REI. I heart his multi family strategies. I inspire to follow in those huge footsteps someday.
-Tyrone Collins
"Awesome Guy with Great Material"
Sterling is very relatable and explains tons of information in a detailed and easy format. he teaches through experiences which is a great way to help the material stick! 
"Very Authentic"
Very authentic in delivery of this information. You can see Sterling's enthusiasm. Very good information. 
-Tracey Fergerson
"Great Information"
Awesome content like always! Thanks for the motivation and passion about what you do for others. Truly brought lots of value in my real estate business. Thanks again!
-Nate Broussard
"Hooked in 45 seconds"
Sterling had me hooked for the first 45 seconds. Telling me that you wanted to "share a mistake" right off the bath not only disarmed me but made me feel the "real" deal. But knowing you Sterling I expected nothing less. Great Job and Congrats! 
-Jiroma Enterprises
"Great Content"
Great content! Can't wait to learn all your secrets.
I really like the way you share things in a simple and systematic way.
-Rafi Mizrah
"Learn from the Best"
I heard Sterling speak at Real Estate Conference and was immediately drawn into his passion n real estate investing. I have read his many informative posts on BiggerPockets and even had the opportunity to participate in his 30-Day Real Estate Challenge. Sterling is approachable and is filled with Knowledge. He truly cares about your success!
-Nhi Bui
"He's an Inspiring Story"
I've been a fan of Sterling for quite a while on I'm glad to see him starting a podcast because he has a lot of great information to share. His is an inspiring story, well worth hearing! 
-American West Realty and Management
"Sterling is Amazing!"
This guy is a truly professional in the space with a unique perspective and clever game-changing ideas that sets him apart from everyone else in the real estate investment space. very approachable and willing to help out others. Just an all around great guy!

-Kevin W. Porter
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